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The West Point Buffalo Soldier Monument

We are most grateful to everyone who has supported us in this endeavor. Thank you!

We want to express our extreme gratitude to everyone who made this possible. To our donors, we

thank you for believing in our mission to raise visibility of the Buffalo Soldier to a level that is befitting of

West Point. To the Department of the Army for its approval of the Association's proffer of the West

Point Buffalo Soldier Monument. To the leadership of West Point and the West Point Museum, for

collaborating with Buffalo Soldiers Association of West Point and Special Projects Committee to ensure

that the monument accurately and effectively depicts the Buffalo Soldier’s contributions to the United

States of America. To Eddie Dixon, the sculptor of monument, words cannot express how extremely

delighted we are in the masterpiece you have created.


Most of all, we want to thank the men of the Ninth and Tenth Calvary. The Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th

and 10th Cavalry epitomized Army values, bravery, and honor. Their persistent sense of duty and

resilience paved the way for fair treatment and equal opportunities for all in the U.S. Army and Air

Force, in general, and the United States Military Academy, in particular. The Buffalo Soldiers at West

Point have allowed America to be a leader for democracy, opportunity, and peace, and build a nation of

equal rights and dignity for all.

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