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Welcome to the official website of the Buffalo Soldiers Association of West Point, Inc. (BSAWP).  Thank you, for visiting our site.


The Buffalo Soldiers Association of West Point is a non-profit membership organization that aims to acknowledge, honor, promote, and preserve the history and contributions of Buffalo Soldiers and military persons that served the United States of America in the Hudson Valley region, and beyond.


Our primary focus is to educate future generations about the historical legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers that served at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, from 1907-1946.  We will accomplish our mission by conducting educational awareness programs, recognizing veterans and individuals for their outstanding achievements and leadership, hosting annual memorial events at West Point, and providing science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) programs for youth, both regionally and nationally.  Our STEAM programs will prepare youth to pursue career fields in the military and college with the standard of excellence, and teach them the values and history of the Buffalo Soldiers of West Point.


By becoming a BSAWP member, you will ensure that communities in the 21st century continue to preserve, honor, and acknowledge the important contributions of the 9th and 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers to West Point, and the United States Army.  Join us in making sure that future generations never forget the valor and sacrifices of the Buffalo Soldiers, our Veterans, West Point graduates, and active duty Soldiers in the United States.

Thanks to all who supported and attended
Sunday Sept 3, 2023

Juneteenth 2023

The Buffalo Soldiers Association of West Point, Inc. celebrated Juneteenth events in Highland Park with veterans, residents and law enforcement.

The West Point Buffalo Soldier Monument

The Buffalo Soldiers Association of West Point, Inc. was proud to dedicate this unique monument during our 60th Annual Celebration at the United States Military Academy at West Point in September 2021.

Buffalo Soldiers Monument at United States Military Academy at West Point

All proceeds will fund our educational programs and the Buffalo Soldier monument. 

Be sure to purchase BSAWP and 9th and 10th Cavalry gear today!

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