The West Point Buffalo Soldier Monument



Thanks to many of you, we have made good progress on all fronts with our project. This includes the good fortune of gaining sufficient financial backing for the academy to move ahead with the process for Department of the Army approval of the Association's proffer of the West Point Buffalo Soldier Monument. Approval is expected by July, 2020, and memorial completion is now projected for late 2021.


Having rounded the $750,000 turn, we are now heading into the stretch to reach our total $1M fundraising goal. To boost that effort, we have again been fortunate to gain the support of an anonymous donor who has also agreed to match up to $150K in future donations.


We are most grateful to everyone who has
supported us in this endeavor. Thanks!

For 2020, we are asking that you consider an additional gift—or a new gift, if you have not made one already --to take advantage of the matching funds from our anonymous benefactor. The funds generated by this campaign could make it possible for us to reach our $1M goal this year. Click here to support.

As shown in these preliminary design images, unlike others across the country that reflect service on the frontier or other places, the West Point Buffalo Soldier Monument will be uniquely indicative of their service while at West Point. 


The pose of a trooper mounted on horseback captures the expertise in horsemanship and cavalry drill that influenced the selection of these master horsemen for riding instruction to cadets at West Point.


The base incorporates the historical marker from the existing memorial rock. 


The bas-relief images in the base of the memorial capture the detachment in performance of VIP welcoming ceremonies for General Dwight D. Eisenhower.


The Buffalo Soldier troopers comprising the USMA Detachment were standard bearers for the army and the nation in many ways.

United States Military Academy at West Point
Buffalo Soldier Field at West Point Military Academy

About the Artist

With the approval of the academy, the nationally renowned  artist  Mr. Eddie Dixon has been selected for the West Point Buffalo Soldier Monument project.

Mr. Dixon's art can be found in national historical sites, the Pentagon, West Point, U.S. Department of Interior, U.S. State Department; the Smithsonian Air and Space,  the Smithsonian National History museums, and in many museums and war memorial and national parks throughout the United States and in more than 50 countries abroad.

His works are in the private collections of Colin Powell, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, the late Alex Haley and Bill Leckey, and others. His work is also in the corporate collections of such giants as RJR Nabisco, Upjohn, Readers' Digest, Coca Cola USA, and the Annenberg and Zachery Fisher foundations.  


In 1992, President George H. W. Bush declared July 25th "National Buffalo Soldier Day" in honor of Dixon's (Fort Leavenworth)

Buffalo Soldier Monument.

In further recognition, a United States postage stamp was later designed and issued in the likeness of the Buffalo Soldier Monument. October 16, 1993, "Eddie Dixon Day" was declared in Washington D.C. and New York City and on March 28, 1994 in Lubbock, Texas for outstanding accomplishments in art.  That year, Felix De Weldon, sculptor of the Iwo Jima Monument, passed on the coveted Baton to Dixon.

For more about Mr. Dixon, go to:

Buffalo Soldier Field at West Point Military Academy